How can I create and post a permanent or salaried vacancy on the BookAMed platform?

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For this question, you will learn how to post the following kinds of vacancies:

  • Permanent roles
  • Fixed term roles
  • Internships

To create and post any of these vacancy types;

1. Login to and head to Vacancies.

2. Click on Post a Job → Permanent Role.

From here, you have 4 steps to complete for the vacancy.

Step 1


Do you want to create a new vacancy name, or use an existing template already saved from one of your previously posted vacancies?

Select a post:

Here, you simply select if the vacancy is for a permanent, fixed term or internship role.

For fixed term and internship vacancies, a further drop-down will appear for you to state the contract period, as the role is not an ongoing one.

Job Title

The role the professional will undertake.

Organisation name

The name of the hospital or practice that the professional will be working for.


Where the role is located – Please note that the default location will be set as the address you provided upon registration.

Vacancy posting date

This is the date range for which you want the vacancy to appear as open on the platform.

Click next.

Step 2

Job description

This section is for confirming information about the role itself, such as:

  • What duties will the successful professional undertake?
  • Will they be working with patients?
  • What ward will they be on?

Job responsibilities

This section is for you to list what the professional is responsible for in their role.

For example, are they looking after patients? Will they be in charge of a team of doctors?

Job qualifications

Which qualifications are required to be approved for the role? Such as:

  • University degree
  • Medical certificate
  • Other applicable healthcare licenses


What job type is the vacancy for? E.g. Dental professional

Special interests

Any other professions the applicant is interested in that might be helpful with regards to the role itself.

Click next.

Step 3


Provide a salary, making sure you state whether this is weekly, monthly, or annually. 

Also mention if there is upwards earning potential for the successful applicant.

Application procedure

Please use this section to mention anything you require from applicants, such as covering letters, or if they have any questions regarding the role.

About company

Here you simply talk about what your company does, the professions you employ etc.

Contact name

This should be the name of your dedicated hiring manager.

Contact title

The current job role of your dedicated hiring manager

Contact phone

The best contact number for your dedicated hiring manager.

Contact email

The best email contact for your dedicated hiring manager.

Click next.

Step 4

Covering letter

Would you like applicants to supply a covering letter or not?

Question 1, 2, 3 (Optional)

Here you can ask the potential applicants questions with regards to the role, such as “Why do you think you would be a good fit for this role?”

Click preview.

After clicking preview, you will see how your vacancy would look to potential applicants.

From here, you can either go back and make additional edits, save as draft, or post the vacancy.

If you save the post as a draft, it is found by going to Vacancies-→ Vacancy status: Draft. To post, edit, or delete a draft vacancy, click here.

Published posts can be found also by going to Vacancies → Vacancy status: Open.

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