How can I see availability of locums for shifts?

George Chacko

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As an organisation, you will find there are times when you need to use BookAMed to bring in locum professionals to cover for shifts. Using our availability search, you’ll be able to find all of the locum professionals available to work upcoming shifts. 

As an organisation, you may or may not have locums available in your staff bank. 

To add a locum to your staff bank – Click here.

To search for available locums;

Login to and head to Professionals → professionals → Staff Availability.

Here you will find all of the locum professionals listed, and their availability for the next 14 days. Each day is split into 3 parts, AM(Morning), PM(Afternoon)and OOH(Out of hours work).

  • Any block in grey means that the locum has not yet submitted their availability for that time/date.
  • Any block in red means they are unavailable for that time/date.
  • Any block in green means they are available to work during that time/date.
  • A block in yellow/amber means that the locum is unsure of their availability, this may be because they are awaiting a response from any application, or an organisation has already contacted them about another role at the same time as your own vacancy.

For each locum in your search results, you can see;

  • Their current location(city/town)
  • Their rating on the platform(Out of 5 stars)
  • Their online status(They will have a grey dot if they are offline, and a green dot if they are online)

To filter locums, you can use the filter option available. This will filter out locums based on their type(current profession), when they were last online, the distance they are from the vacancy location, and whether they are part of your staff bank.

When you apply the staff bank filter, only the locums you have added to your staff bank will appear in the search results.

Tip: Add locums that are located nearby, so when you need somebody to cover a shift at short notice, you can use the staff bank filter to find all of the local professionals available.

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