Dental vacancies – dentist, dental assistant jobs, dental hygienist jobs and more

What are the main dental job opportunities?

Most opportunities for dentists are as general practitioners working with the general public. This can include private or state practice (the NHS in the UK), and is often a mixture of both. However, vacancies also arise in hospital and community settings – working alongside health visitors or district nurses, for example – or even with the armed forces. Dentists can also choose to work as locum dentists.

What other dental vacancies are there?

Hospital roles for dentists are varied and can include consultancy, specialist and outpatient care, as well as paediatric or restorative dentistry, and dentists employed in a hospital will enjoy the same terms and conditions as its other doctors. There are also wider opportunities in teaching, research and dental public health.

The dentist is the head of the dental team, and other dental jobs include dental nurse jobs, dental hygienist jobs, dental therapist jobs, dental assistant jobs and dental technician jobs.

Dental nurses provide vital support to the dental team in all aspects of patient care, which means they are in high demand, leading to excellent job opportunities and job security. Dental nurses can also go on to work in other roles, including as dental therapists.

Where are most dental vacancies found?

Most dental hygienist jobs, for example, are found in general dental practice, although vacancies also arise in hospitals and community dental services. Dental hygienists can go on to become practice managers or to specialize in areas such as patient sedation or tooth whitening. They can also go on to become dental therapists.

Dental therapist opportunities are increasing as more and more practices recruit therapists to their teams to take on routine dental work and so help to free up the dentist’s time. Dental therapists can also carry out their work in community settings such as schools or care homes. Dental practices also offer vacancies for dental assistants, a role that encompasses patient care alongside administrative tasks such as overseeing appointments and record keeping.  

Another key member of the team is the dental technician. This skilled role in constructing dentures, bridges, braces, crowns and more means dental technicians are also often in high demand. Dental technicians – or dental technologists as they are also called – can progress to practice management roles or undertake further training to become clinical dental technicians, a more specialized role which involves direct contact with patients.

What are the job prospects like in the dental field?

A survey by dental professionals’ website, DentaGama found very high average salaries for dentists in many countries, including Australia, Canada, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the US. The survey also revealed high salaries and lively job markets for dental hygienists in many of the same locations – along with Germany and Denmark – and a similar situation for dental nurses. Job opportunities for dental nurses were ‘increasing rapidly’ in the UK, it added, with applicants attracted by competitive salaries and flexible scheduling arrangements.

What about locum roles?

Many dentists choose to work in a locum capacity because of the freedom and flexibility it offers, as well as the high rates of pay. Locum dentist jobs can be found across all sectors – public, private and community – and locations. Locum dentist roles are available for candidates with all levels of experience, and can also offer an opportunity to experience working at a practice before taking a permanent role there at a later date.

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