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Where are most radiographer jobs found?

Diagnostic radiographers work in the radiology and imaging departments of hospitals, whether state-run or private, as well as some private clinics. Therapeutic radiographer jobs are also hospital-based.

What other radiography jobs are there?

Some radiographers will opt to work as locum radiographers, as locum radiographer positions can offer increased flexibility and high rates of pay.

Candidates who are not qualified radiographers can apply for radiography assistant jobs or imaging support worker posts, roles that provide support to departments across the hospital, including accident and emergency, outpatients and operating theatres. While there are no formal entry requirements for radiography assistant jobs, applicants will be expected to have good levels of numeracy, literacy, communication and IT skills, and experience of working in a healthcare environment – whether paid or voluntary. They will also need to be calm, safety conscious and physically fit.

Where can the role lead?

Qualified radiographers in the UK are eligible to join the Society of Radiographers, which offers opportunities for continuous professional development and keeping skills up to date. Many diagnostic radiographers will specialise in certain types of imaging, such as computerised tomography (CT) scanning or sonography (ultrasound), or in working with specific patient groups, such as children, cancer patients or stroke patients. They can also move into more management-orientated roles, including managing budgets, or apply for radiography jobs overseas in countries such as Australia or New Zealand.

Therapeutic radiographers, meanwhile, can go on to specialise in specific types of treatment, for example ionising or non-ionising radiation, or proton beam therapy. They can also move into research or training roles.

Assistant radiographers receive extensive on-the-job training and may later decide to train to become an assistant practitioner or a diagnostic or therapeutic radiographer. Radiographers can also take up industry roles, working for companies that design and produce radiography equipment.  

What is the market like for radiographer jobs?

Radiographers play a vital role in providing both diagnoses and treatment, which means excellent job opportunities across both the public and private sectors and overseas (where the role may sometimes be called radiologic technologist). According to the Society of Radiographers, there is a ‘steadily growing’ demand for qualified radiographers. Therapeutic radiographers and sonographers (radiographers trained in ultrasound) are in particularly high demand due to ongoing shortages of qualified practitioners.

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