Where I can see overtime in a locum’s timesheet?

George Chacko

3 years ago - Edited

When a locum submits their timesheet, it will become available to you in your timesheets section.

It is important to note that overtime will only be displayed in a locum’s timesheet if you have enabled overtime in timesheets. Overtime may occur as a result of delays to the locum during their shift, such as patient delays, working slower than expected, or they simply need more time to complete a task.

To view overtime in a locum’s timesheet;

1. Login to www.bookamed.com and head to Payments → Timesheets.

2. Search for the locum by their name or timesheet ID using the search bar.

Click on the locum to open up their timesheets. Any overtime hours will appear on this week’s timesheet summary.

To view overtime hours in more detail, click on the red eye icon located on the timesheet for this week section.

A pop up will appear showing the standard(contracted) hours and overtime.

In the overtime section, you’ll be able to see;

  • When the locum logged the start of their overtime
  • When the locum logged the end of their overtime
  • The number of hours of overtime worked
  • The earnings for the total amount of overtime
  • The reason for the overtime
  • Any additional comments or notes in relation to the overtime

If any logged overtime appears incorrect, you can message the professional and try to resolve these issues. We advise that you also let our support team know by email at support@bookamed.com so we can help with any queries about overtime.

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