How can I purchase job postings or professional profiles?

George Chacko

2 years ago - Edited

As an organisation, you may want to purchase job postings or gain access to professional CVs.

To purchase job postings and/or professional CVs;

1. Login to and head to More → Settings →Subscriptions.

2. To purchase a product, click on Buy a Product. From here, you can purchase:

  • Combo products
  • Profile views
  • Vacancy postings

You can only select one product type at a time – Once you have selected a product, you can enter a coupon if you have one, otherwise you can now enter the following details:

  • Your PayPal payment details
  • Your credit/debit card information

Once you have entered your details, click on the pay button. 

The order will now show up on my current products. You’ll see details about the start date, expiry date, the number of listings remaining, and the type of listing that the product caters for.

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