How can I apply for locum shifts?

George Chacko

4 years ago - Edited

In the medical industry, we refer to locum shifts as those that temporarily fulfil the duties of another healthcare professional – For example you might find that a doctor has taken paternity leave for two weeks, and a local medical practice needs a locum position filled, to cover their shifts.

Before you apply for any locum shifts, please ensure that you have uploaded all of your mandatory and additional documents, that way your account can be verified.

To apply for locum shifts;

1. Login to and head to Jobs. 

2. You can filter for jobs more relevant to you by using the filter icon (top right corner of the jobs section), where you can search using filters such as the distance a vacancy is from you, the rate of pay per hour, the job title, and many more.

3. In the job information, you’ll find different information regarding areas such as:
Hourly pay
Number of shifts
Benefits(Pension/earnings potential)
Payment frequency, and much more…

4. You’ll see a section called shifts – Please note when applying for locum vacancies that you don’t have to apply for every shift. You can choose one, some, or all of the shifts, using the sliders available.

5. Before you apply, you may be asked to provide a covering letter and any additional questions you may have. Please answer these the best you can in order to maximise your chances of being given the locum role.

Once you have applied for a locum role, it will appear in My Jobs. 

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