How can I become a Gold Member?

George Chacko

3 years ago - Edited

As a Bookamed user, your profile is ranked by one of three tiers:

  • Bronze member – This is automatically achieved upon sign-up to the Bookamed platform.
  • Silver member – You will reach this tier after all of the mandatory documents have been uploaded, and approved by Bookamed.
  • Gold member – You will reach this tier once all of the additional documents have been uploaded and approved by Bookamed.

You can see your membership status on the Dashboard under the section My Documents

The more documents you add, the more value you will provide to organisations when you are applying to different vacancies. 

There are 6 mandatory documents, and 7 additional documents. To upload a document to your profile, follow these steps:

1. Login to and head to My Profile.

2. Select the Pre-employment Checks tab – On here, you will find a list containing all of the documents you can upload. The upload option is the last column in the table of documents (Located on the right-hand side of your screen).

3. Once any documents have been both uploaded and approved by Bookamed, you’ll be able to see your progress via the pre-employment screening bar. This progress tracker is available on both your dashboard at the home page, as well as on your My Profile page.

(Note: Directly above your progress tracker, you’ll be able to see your current level of either bronze, silver or gold member status. Please ensure you re-submit any documents that have an expiry date. Having invalid documents may prevent you from being able to apply for vacancies).

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