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What is a timesheet?

Time sheets are what you use to record all of your locum shifts, including the name/s of the organisation you carry out work for, as well as the number of hours each shift lasted.

On the BookAMed platform, timesheets are recorded on a weekly basis.

To access your timesheets:

  1. Login to and head to Payments → Timesheets.
  2. Your timesheets will be available to submit here, please note timesheets are listed separately for you to fill out work for each organisation.
  3. To search for a specific timesheet, you can use the search bar located in the top right corner. Here you can search either by the organisation name, or the timesheet ID.

Timesheet structure

When filling out a timesheet, you can fill out up to 3 shifts per organisation, per day. Each shift will require your:

  • Contracted hours (The hours you agreed to work with the hiring manager after the shift was confirmed)
  • Worked hours – This is the actual amount of time you worked for (including overtime). We use this so you are paid in full for the hours you actually work, and not just the hours you are contracted for.

To submit a timesheet for a day, click on the grey clock icon on the day in the calendar view (Grey clocks mean that the timesheet is awaiting submission). After you submit your hours of work to the organisation for a day of work, that date will display as an orange clock icon – This means it is awaiting approval from the organisation. Once a timesheet is approved, the clock icon will turn green.

Please note if an organisation rejects a timesheet, the timesheet clock icon will turn red. – This means your hours are either incorrect, or the organisation needs to amend part of your shift details – It is best to contact the organisation when this happens, to avoid delays in payments.

Timesheet form information

On your timesheet forms, you will be able to see the timesheet ID, the date of the shift, and the contracted hours. The information you will need is listed below:

  • Standard hours – The hours you ended up working. You can add any paid breaks by clicking the add symbol to the right of the calendar box, and filling in your total break/s length the same way.
  • Overtime hours – These are the hours you weren’t contracted for, but you were asked to work as overtime by the organisation. (If you submit overtime hours, please state a reason for the overtime, for your own records and so the organisation has proof of you working overtime).
  • Option to raise the invoice with or without VAT.

Once you have submitted these details, tick the button that says“I confirm that the information provided above is true and accurate”. Then click save.

Timesheets layout and summary

When your timesheets are submitted, they will be summarised in the section titled This Week’s Timesheet Summary. On here, you will see your;

  • Contracted hours
  • Completed hours
  • Overtime(In red font)
  • Number of home visits
  • Invoices paid
  • Invoices unpaid
  • Total earnings(For the current week)

Please note: Once you submit a timesheet, it cannot be edited again. After you submit a timesheet, the layout will change on that specific timesheet to just show the details you have submitted – There will be no tabs to amend any of the details previously submitted.

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