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Welcome to the BookAMed platform!

We are very grateful to have you here, and we hope you can find plenty of work during your time with us as a locum or permanent professional.

First off, we need to get you familiar with the BookAMed platform, and the steps required to make your profile ready for every part of the employment process. 

Whether you need help setting up your account, searching for jobs, raising invoices, or changing your preferences. Read our getting started guide, to learn more.

Setup Guide for new sign ups

Upon signing up to BookAMed, you will be greeted by a notice saying “Welcome YOUR NAME”. 

Using this notice, you can take the steps to starting your profile – The first thing to do is create your public profile. To learn how to complete the “my public profile” section click here.

Once you have finished filling in your profile information, the next thing is to make sure you upload a clear and good quality profile photo. 

To go back to the setup notice, click on your name located in the top right corner of the dashboard, then click setup guide. 

After uploading your new photo, head back to the setup guide, and click on complete your pre-employment checks. Pre-employment checks are crucial documents that will enable you to apply for, and be accepted for work. Find out which mandatory & additional documents you will need to supply here.

Applying for jobs

In BookAMed, you can apply for jobs by clicking on Jobs from the dashboard.

You have the option to apply for permanent roles, fixed term roles, locum roles and internships.

Applying for a job through BookAMed is simple, find out how here.

Struggling to find the right job for you? Click here to learn how to use job filters.

Confirming your availability


When you complete work for an organisation, you will be required to fill out a timesheet and get it approved by the organisation’s hiring manager.

For help submitting timesheets, click here.


In the medical industry, it is important for professionals to always keep their referees and appraisals up to date.

To enter the revalidation section;

Login to and head to My Profile-→ Revalidation.

This section will cover the following;

  • Next appraisal date
  • Your most recent appraisal report(This area is for you to upload/attach a file)
  • Revalidation due date
  • The names and contact details of your referees – Including your relationship with them

You will also be asked if you have received any complaints during your work history, or any criminal convictions, which may have led to restrictions surrounding the work you are able to do.


Invoices are used in the BookAMed platform as a way to record, track and execute payments from organisations to professionals. 

Here is a guide for how to manage your invoicing details.

Also, if you ever need to view or generate invoices for work you have completed, follow this guide.

My account

This section basically allows you to update your primary account details, which are:

  • First and last name
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Password

To access this section;

Login to and head to My Profile-→ My Account. When you make changes, always remember to clicksave.


Statements are required to be generated by professionals who work locum shifts. These documents ensure the professional is paid correctly, for any time they worked more/less than contracted for. 

A statement is a summary of pay based off the professional’s total hours worked, including contracted hours, and overtime during the pay period.

To find out more about statements, click here.

My messages

Your messages will contain any contact an organisation or hiring manager has had with you. Using the messaging section allows you to contact an organisation directly, as opposed to emailing or calling them.

To access your messages, follow this guide.


It is important that you manage your settings regularly. You may want to filter your notifications, display or hide your location, or change your data preferences.

To change your settings, login to and head to More-→ Settings. Alternatively,click on any of the following links to learn more:

Get in touch

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