I have been invited to join the BookAMed platform by an organisation; what should I do?

George Chacko

4 years ago - Edited

When an organisation invites you to BookAMed, you will be emailed or texted a referral link. You will need to open this link and it will redirect you to www.bookamed.com

After you have reached our website, register as a user using your credentials. Once you are registered, your account will be recognised as a referral from that organisation, and you’ll be automatically added to their staff bank. This is basically a group of other professionals, like yourself, who the organisation can contact for work in the future.

Please note that if you want to apply for jobs, you’ll need to create a public profile and complete your compliance checks. To do so;

  1. Login to www.bookamed.com and head to My Profile→My Public Profile
  2. Setup your profile with all of the necessary about me info, employment history etc
  3. To then apply for locum vacancies, you’ll first need to upload all of the mandatory and additional documents. Here’s how to upload documents to your profile.

Once that is completed, your account is then verified, and you’ll be able to start applying for jobs.

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