How to add appraisals and references?

George Chacko

4 years ago - Edited

As part of your professional portfolio, it is highly valued for you to have references and appraisals.

By having references and appraisals, organisations can view your track record of the previous work you have completed. The work may have been completed through Bookamed, or somewhere else.

To add an appraisal or reference;

1. Login to and head to My Profile.

2. Select the Revalidation tab – From here, you’ll be able to upload any appraisals you have by clicking on the upload button. For any references you wish to add, there is a form below on the same page, where you can fill out the following details:

  • Referee name
  • Referee email address
  • Referee mobile number
  • Description of your relationship with the referee

Once you are happy with your changes, you can either preview how your edits look, or you can go straight to save. Once you have saved your changes, a notification window will appear, confirming your changes.

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