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In medical organisations in the United Kingdom, a Smartcard is used to offer both locum doctors and medical staff access to customer health records such as x-rays, CT scans & MRI images.

Smartcards are designed to save doctors time when checking health records. By utilising Smartcards, more time is spent with the patients, and less time is spent trying to individually discuss different patient’s health issues during each of their visits.

How do I apply?

The easiest way to apply for a Smartcard is by requesting one from the organisation you work at most frequently. The practice manager or administrator can send off an application on your behalf.

Once you have applied, you’ll have your photo taken, and be asked to provide proof of address, a valid form of photo ID (Driver’s license/passport) and a utility bill.

I’ve lost my Smartcard, what do I do?

Luckily, there is something called a Fallback Smartcard. In the event you lose your Smartcard or it is stolen, a fallback card ensures that you can have continued access to the necessary applications & health records.

Please talk to your practice manager/s or administrators if this happens, as they can issue a temporary blank Fallback Smartcard, which can be setup in your name until you are provided with a replacement Smartcard.

How do I use my Smartcard?

Every Smartcard has a 12-digit number located under the photo. This is known as the Smartcard Unique User Identity number(SUUI), and every practice will request this from you when it’s your first time working there.

Once you have been registered to a practice, they will provide you with a Role Based Access Code(RBAC), which will ensure you can fulfil your temporary, locum or fixed term role, without any problems.

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