How can I become part of an organisation’s Staff Bank?

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What is a staff bank?

A staff bank is a pool of locum workers who are kept as contacts for a GP, or group of GPs, to continue hiring for locum work. 

Staff banks are great in the sense that you as a locum worker can easily be contacted for shifts. They are also great for the organisation, as they don’t have to search for a new locum worker for every shift they need covering moving forward.

How do I join a staff bank?

To be able to join a staff bank, you can use any of the following methods:

  1. The organisation can send you a referral sign-up link. By signing up through this link, your profile will automatically be added to the organisation’s staff bank. 
  2. You can request for the organisation to add your user to their staff bank from inside the BookAMed portal. To do so, head to More-→ My Messages, here you can input the organisation’s name in the search column – Your messages will be sent directly to the organisation’s hiring manager.
  3. A collaborating organisation can invite you to their staff bank. As they are collaborating with other organisations that have previously hired you for locum shifts, your invite link to sign up will automatically add you to the staff bank of each collaborating organisation.

When you are added to a staff bank, an organisation will be able to see your account information, such as your pre-employment documentation, profile photo and employment history.

I have been invited to join a staff bank by an organisation I haven’t heard of?

Sometimes practices work in collaboration where staff pools are shared. In this case, you can always check with the organisation in question, to see if they have received your details from an organisation that you have previously worked with.

Collaborative staff banks are a great way for organisations to share pools of staff more easily. When one organisation needs help, they can benefit from having a larger pool of locum workers available to contact.

What happens to my account after I join a staff bank?

When you join a staff bank in the BookAMed platform, your account won’t change at all. 

When you search for shifts however, you will find there are more available shifts, and you may receive more requests for work in your area. These requests may either be from the organisation that added you, or similar organisations collaborating with the staff bank you are part of.

Can I leave a staff bank?

Of course – Simply email and we will get back to you with the steps to removing yourself from a staff bank.

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