What invoices will I receive from BookAMed?

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As an organisation, you will receive three types of invoices.

The first type is a subscription-based invoice – This is charged to you whenever you subscribe to post a permanent vacancy, and is payable upfront and already includes VAT.

The second type is a locum invoice. These are raised by locums for their services. Locum invoices are auto-generated for the locum before they are sent to you by the locum. It is always best to check that everything appears correct relating to the payment they are invoicing you for.

The third type is a Bookamed invoice. This invoice is paid for the usage of the platform to engage and manage locums, and is valued at 15% of each locum invoice that is raised to you.

Whenever you hire a locum for a shift, 15% of their invoice value (Or the total amount they earn for the shifts they complete) is raised to you as an invoice, that should be paid directly to BookAMed. The 15% charge only applies when you hire and manage locums – Permanent, fixed term and internship roles do not apply.

To see your invoices;

Login to www.bookamed.com and head to Payments→ Invoices. 

Invoices charged for permanent listings will be labelled as a subscription invoice. 

Any invoices raised by locums will be labelled as a locum invoice.

Any invoices you receive for the usage of the platform to engage and manage locums (at the rate of 15% of a locum’s invoice value) will be labelled as aBookAMed invoice.

In this section you will also find;

  • The invoice ID
  • The date the invoice was created
  • The date the invoice was paid i.e. status(If it is paid)
  • The value of the invoice

If you click on the more option, you can also download or print the invoice (all downloads will be saved as PDF files as a default option).

In a subscription based invoice you will find;

A subscription based invoice can be paid by either PayPal, or via a credit/debit card form of payment.

In a locum invoice you will find:

In a BookAMed invoice for locum services you will find;

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