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Welcome to the BookAMed platform!

We are very grateful to have you here, and we hope you can find plenty of talented individuals during your time with us as an organisation.

First off, we need to get you familiar with the BookAMed platform, and the steps required to make your employer profile ready for every part of the employment process. 

Whether you need help setting up your account, posting jobs, approving invoices and timesheets, or changing your preferences, here you can find out all about how to get started. 

Have a read of our getting started guide, to learn more.

Setup Guide for new sign ups

Upon signing up to BookAMed, you will be greeted by a notice saying “WelcomeYOUR EMPLOYER NAME”. 

Using this notice, you can take the steps to starting your profile – The first thing to do is complete your employer profile. To learn how to update your employer profile click here.

Once you have finished filling in your profile information, the next thing to do is create a staff bank.

To go back to the setup notice, click on your organisation name located in the top right corner of the dashboard, then click setup guide. 

After creating your staff bank, head back to the setup guide, and click on post your first vacancy.

Click here to learn how to post a locum vacancy.
Click here to learn how to post a permanent or salaried vacancy.

Understanding the dashboard

Whenever you login to BookAMed, the first thing you’ll be presented with is the dashboard. To read more about what’s available in your dashboard, click here.

Professionals & staff banks

Professionals are the key to your success on BookAMed. You can add professionals to your staff bank if you employ them on a locum basis, or you can hire them onto a salaried role, where they can work just like one of your own employees.

All professionals undergo pre-employment checks, and you can view their documents and employment history even if they haven’t applied for one of your vacancies.

The benefit of BookAMed is that you don’t have to reach out to only the profesionals that apply to you, you can also contact professionals you simply like the look of.

To learn how to view a professional’s profile, click here.If you are looking to check if they have all of their pre-employment check documents submitted, use this link.

To find out how to message a professional, click here.

To learn how to add a locum professional to your staff bank, click here.


With an employer account on BookAMed, you can post two types of vacancies; 

  • Permanent vacancies(Permanent, fixed-term and internship – These are salaried roles)
  • Locum vacancies (These are for individuals representing themselves for work as a sole trader or as part of a limited entity)

To post vacancies on BookAMed, you must pay a fee. These are charged for vacancies in bulk, and generally give you other privileges, such as being able to view and contact any professional signed up to the platform.

When you receive applications for locum vacancies, you can check the availability of locums for certain shifts. If you wish to accept professionals onto vacancies, use this guide for more information.


When you hire professionals for locum roles, timesheets will need to be submitted by the professional in order for their time to be approved for invoicing and then payment.

Timesheets can be viewed in the timesheets section, where you’ll find info on contracted and overtime hours submitted by locums – You can read more on how you approve timesheets here.


When using the BookAMed platform, you will receive invoices from both locums, and the platform itself (When you purchase subscriptions or for the locum fee of 15%). To find out more about the types of invoices you’ll receive, click here.

It is important to note that invoices from locums are auto-generated, so when you begin hiring locums, always check that the invoices you receive are correct.

When paying locums, you have the option to enable billing, or for BookAMed to invoice you after the locum is paid by the platform. More information on this feature is available here.


Statements are generated for the completion of locum work, and compile all of the week’s or month’s timesheets. Once you approve all of the timesheets for a locum, you will be able to generate their timesheet by heading to Payments-→ Statements.

Read the professional’s guide to statements here, so you can get a better idea as to how they work.

My messages

Your messages section is for contacting professionals and other organisations. If you want to learn how to message a professional,click here.

You should use the messaging function as much as possible, especially if you require extra documents or information from professionals, you need to query a locum invoice, or you simply need to cancel certain shifts with locums.

Your messages can be found by going to More-→ My Messages. Any messages you receive will be notified via the blue chat bubble icon on the header of the platform.

Settings & preferences

Your employer account in BookAMed gives you plenty of settings and preferences that you can toggle. 

Here is a quick list of some key settings you can amend:

You can view all of your settings by heading to More → Settings.

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