How to communicate or message a Professional?

George Chacko

3 years ago - Edited

As an organisation, it is important to remember that you can contact any professional, at any point in time, regardless of whether they have applied to one of your vacancies or not.

To message a professional;

1. Login to and head to Professionals → Professionals.

Here you will see every professional listed on the platform. To search for a specific professional, you can either search by their first name, last name, or make use of the filter options available to you.

2. Click on the professional you would like to message – Underneath the rating on their profile page, you’ll see a chat bubble icon. Click this to open up a conversation window with that professional.

3. Once you have sent them a message, you can track the conversation at any time by heading to More → My Messages – Here you can access all of your active conversations with professionals. You will be notified whenever someone messages you – Your message notifications will pop up next to your username located in the top right corner of your dashboard (Chat bubble icon).

If a professional has already applied to one of your vacancies, you can message them by heading to Vacancies.

Click on the vacancy they have applied for, then find the professional you want to message. Click More → Send a message. You will be sent straight to a chat window with the professional, where you can send them direct messages.

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