How to login as an existing user?

George Chacko

3 years ago - Edited

If you’re already set up as a user and need a little help directing yourself into your user portal, here’s how to do it in a couple of easy steps:

1. Head to (Insert URL)

2. Once you reach the home screen, select the Log In icon

3. You’ll be given two choices, Login as Professional, and Login as Organisation – Select Login as Professional

4. Enter your email address and password, then click Login.

You will now be sent through to your user portal – If it is your first time logging in, you will receive a welcome notification asking for you to supply additional information, this is simply to set up your account fully for both verification purposes, and for the security of your own account.

(Note: Users will continue to see the welcome button after these initial steps are completed. The welcome notification will display until you have set up enough areas of your account to make you look attractive to organisations. These will include areas such as work experience, education history, invoicing instructions, skills and more)

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